Workshop 2015 : Language, Plasticity and Learning – developmental issues

Paris, November 5 & 6th

UPS Pouchet, 59-61 rue Pouchet, 75017 Paris (see )

In the context of their on-going work on language acquisition, the members of the research network ADYLOC have invited a group of experts to a two-day workshop taking place in Paris on November 5-6 2015. The workshop will address the links between language acquisition, cerebral plasticity, behavioral flexibility, and human learning. The goal of the workshop is to enable language acquisition researchers to gain new perspectives on their data and on their theoretical orientations in light of recent findings in these areas.

  • Maya Hickmann: Head of GDR Adyloc
  • Sophie Wauquier: Organization of colloquium

Organizational committee:

Sandra Benazzo, Marion Blondel, Annie-Claude Demagny, Heather Hilton, Maria Kihlstedt, Ellenor Shoemaker, Marzena Watorek

Download the program | Download the abstracts


Invited speakers:

• David Birdsong (University of Texas at Austin) : Where Things Stand in Critical Period Research

• Alex Cristia (Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique, CNRS- ENS Ulm) : Stats for babies: How far can they go?

• Jonas Granfeldt (Lund University) : On the Respective Roles of Age of Onset of Acquisition and Input for Developing Morphosyntax: The Case of French

• Frédéric Isel (Institute of Psychology, Sorbonne Paris Cité – Paris Descartes University) : Neuroplasticity of second language acquisition: The critical role of targeted and individualized learning

• Michèle Kail (Structures formelles du langage, CNRS- Université Paris 8) : Adaptative functions of neuro-behavioral plasticity in L1 and L2 language acquisition

• Barbara Köpke (Unité de Recherche Interdisciplinaire Octogone-Lordat (EA 4156), Université de Toulouse 2) : Cerebral plasticity in language development and use: What does language attrition tell us?

• Patrick Lemaire (Laboratoire de psychologie cognitive, CNRS- Université de Provence) : Studying Strategic Variations During Cognitive Aging : Does it further our understanding of cognitive plasticity throughout lifespan? 

• Natascha Müller (Bergische Universität Wuppertal) : Delay and acceleration in bilingual first language acquisition : Different sources

Christian Xerri (Université de Provence) : to be confirmed.